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L'Atelier Langlade - Peinture contemporaine

Sandrine Langlade

Unlimited creativity, positive energy. COLORS.

Sandrine Langlade is a French artist from Réunion Island living in the Netherlands. Her exhibitions are worldwide, mainly in Europe (Paris, Berlin, Roma, Barcelona...), the USA (New-York, Miami) and South-America (Bogota, Brazilia, Porto Alegre).

Her “feel-good” pictorial style crosses lyrical abstract art and expressionism. The result is an explosion of bright colors, on a synesthesia.

She gets her inspiration from current life, using her endless creativity to express her day-to-day emotions and sensations. The rest comes from studying, learning, and challenging her work with this core question: « how do I translate what I experiment into positive, dynamic and impactful art pieces? »

In 2018 she was awarded the Leonardo Da Vinci international art prize in Florence and the Tribute to Tiziano prize in Venezia, during the Biennial of Nations.

Backstage of the artist's studio


Spectrum Miami
Tiziano Award in Venice
Live Painting at Domo
Live Painting Miami
Live at Moulin Fou
Da Vinci Award in Florence
Artexpo New York
Signing art prints
First live interview on TV
Biennale delle Nazioni in Venezia
Christmas Sale in Den Haag
Salon L Paris
Expo Rougeoyantes impudeurs